Walking With Strangers - Paul Walsh

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Due for release Aug 2024

64 pp / 250 x 210 mm
Fedrigoni papers:
360gsm Materica Terra Rossa cover
170gsm Satin text
First Edition TBC
ISBN 978-1-0686570-0-9

Also available as a Special Edition, limited to 15 copies - each with an A4 limited edition print signed and numbered by Paul (see image) - £58.00


'I set out on foot across the network of trails through France and Spain to experience the increasingly popular phenomenon of longdistance pilgrimage. I walked continuously for three months, beginning at the city of Le Puy en Velay in eastern France, and ending 1700km later at the town of Muxia on the west coast of Spain.

Along the way I made many transient friendships with other pilgrims. Although some were walking for religious purposes or the physical challenge, most of those that I encountered were walking to overcome a major event that had happened to them, or to find something that was missing from their life. Walking facilitated new relationships as we talked side by side. Sharing the experience of being in unfamiliar places and having to find our way brought about a unique connection with those I had only just met. The monotony of walking day after day, the physical discomfort and the sense of isolation were made more bearable when not alone. Daily rituals such as eating and finding a place to sleep took on another meaning; they became goals to be strived for and shared.

After months of walking with my belongings on my back I discovered that, through separation from all that is familiar, walking helped people to find liberty from their complex identities and social obligations back home. The path seemed to untether people, draw them together and give them a common goal. The surrounding landscape became a geographical space for self-reflection and change.

The photographs I made during those three months not only depict the people and landscapes that I encountered but are also intended to convey the transformations that were taking place within me as I walked.'


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