Established in 2015 by Iain Sarjeant, Another Place Press is a small independent publishing press based in the Scottish Highlands. We showcase contemporary photography projects which explore our relationship with 'place'.

We are commited to producing high quality affordable photobooks - our aim is to make inspiring photography from around the world as accessible to as wide an audience as we can.

Every title is a close collaboration with the artist, a richly rewarding process for us to see each project develop and take shape in print. Our artists pay nothing towards the production of their titles and receive royalties on every book sold.

As well as our ongoing photobook titles, we also release regular titles in our 'Field Notes' series of affordable zines.


Sorry, we are not currently accepting submissions of book proposals - we have a full schedule of titles programmed for the foreseeable future.

However, we do accept submissions for our 'Field Notes' series - for information and full submission guidelines visit here.