Victoria J Dean - The Illusion of Purpose

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48 pp / 230 x 190mm
Fedrigoni papers:
350gsm Satin cover
170gsm Uncoated text
Edition of 150
ISBN 978-1-9997424-8-5


Technology is restructuring our communication methods, transforming our perceptions and interactions with our environment, and rendering the physical realm comparatively cumbersome and slow. Disconnected from the modern digital world, these material structures and the systems in which they once functioned are obsolete. With the simplicity and directness of a symbolic form, each structure withholds its message, alluding to a relic from a forgotten language.

The Illusion of Purpose explores ideas of materiality, monumentality and the sculptural, questioning the relevance of the physical in our increasingly virtual age, and in a world of communication hijacked by technology.


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