Unseen - Nicola Muirhead

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66 pp / 210 x 260mm
Perfect Bound
Fedrigoni papers:
350gsm Satin cover with gloss laminate
170gsm Satin text
Edition of 150
ISBN 978-1-8383119-3-3

Also available as a Special Edition, limited to 30 copies - each with an A4 limited edition inkjet print of the cover image, signed and numbered by Nicola (see image) - £52.00


March 23rd, 2021

It’s been a year since the pandemic broke out.
Since our lives changed overnight, and the unseen virus took hold of the world.
Behind every pause and eerie calm,
The empty cityscapes,
The absence of people,
The daily habits of disinfecting, is the endless reel of thoughts.
This is where Covid will leave it’s legacy in the collective conscious.

Our perceptions of the familiar will be approached with a subconscious foreboding.
Simple moments will be questioned and monitored.
Mental health will become a household discussion,
And a new way of life is inevitable.

For now, the old life has been left in a state of pause.
Yet in that pause is a small knot of hope and knowing.
Anticipation for a new beginning.
An emergence from this moment in history,
with a profound message to our future selves.