Sun Lights This Water - Amanda Harman

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66 pp / 210 x 250mm
Fedrigoni & GF Smith papers:
350gsm Colorplan cover
170gsm Satin text
Gold foil blocking outer cover
First edition of 250
ISBN 978-1-7391212-0-4

Also available as a Special Edition, limited to 30 copies - each with an A4 limited edition inkjet print signed and numbered by Amanda (see image) - £55.00

Please note that the cover design is a mock-up and the exact shades will vary slightly.


For the past three years or so, in all weathers and seasons, I have walked from my door, down through the valley and along the route of the derelict canal that runs beside the river. This is a wild and untamed hollow, where the water seeps and spills from the canal’s collapsed sides, and abandoned locks create stoppages and blockages along the valley floor. The canal’s collapse is a wildness of reeds and weeds, yellow flag iris, saplings, catkins, beech mast, lichen, and old man’s beard. In winter floodwaters creep and spread, and the deep cold in the valley bottom traps the frost, low winter sun sending mist drifting upwards through the woods that cling to the steep hillsides.

Made whilst travelling on foot, these images pay testament to the subtle ways we are shaped by the landscapes through which we move; exploring and forming connections to the earth, and to each other. They are about knowing a place intimately, coming to understand the shape of the land, the light, the seasons, the ground beneath, the trees above, the water streaming down the steep valley sides to reach the river. They are about the desire to fully arrive in a place.


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