Singing Their Weird Songs - Casey Bennett

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32 pp / 190 x 230mm
Staple Bound
Fedrigoni paper
Second edition of 100


‘Singing their Weird Songs’ is a quiet exploration revealing the intimate yet intricate marshland and unkempt wooded area located on a small island in the urbanized heart of the city. The island itself is only a mere 23 acres in size, however, it is a community centre revealing a subtle vision of existence between man and nature. A sanctuary where living things and their habitat are protected.

This series was created during my initial stages of entering cognitive behavioral therapy for the first time as well as experiencing a global pandemic and the effects it was having on me. Much of my time was spent wandering these trails, absorbing the quiet stillness and paying close attention to the wild sounds of the distant birds, singing their weird songs. It became my personal safe haven, my thoughts and a way to reconnect with the earth all the while reconnecting with my own self.


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