Passage - Guy Dickinson

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68 pp / 245 x 200mm
Fedrigoni & GF Smith papers:
350gsm Colorplan cover
170gsm Satin text
First edition of 300
ISBN 978-1-8383119-8-8

Also available as a Special Edition, limited to 30 copies - each with an A4 limited edition inkjet print signed and numbered by Guy (see image) - £55.00

*** Please note all pre-orders receive a FREE signed A5 print (see image) - this will not be available after the release of the book. ***Pre-orders are now closed, so this print is no longer available.***

Guy is donating all of his royalties to the Anaphylaxis Campaign, a charity that raise awareness and support people at risk of severe allergies.


‘... like the dream of a world that is visible before it takes shape as a reality’.

A Woman in the Polar Night
Christiane Ritter

For the time we spend with these photographs, life on any other terms feels untenable. When we are finally forced to tear our gaze away, we mourn the loss of their searing lyricism - fields of vision where everything is stripped back to its essence. This is at once the Iceland of our mythic imaginings and a reality so acutely, so urgently real, we feel it on our retinas and in our bones.

Alison Morris


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