Calp - Dan Wood

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32 pp / 190 x 230mm
Staple Bound
Fedrigoni paper
First edition of 100


Located within the province of Alicante, Spain, and based around the foot of the Penyal d'Ifac Natural Park, It is said that Calp, or Calpe as it’s mainly known as, was inhabited as far back as prehistoric times. Further along the historical timelines settlers included the Arabs and the Romans and evidence of their settlements can still be seen along the coastline today. It is a place that has seen much change.

My family first started holidaying there in the early 90’s when it was a quieter place whose main industry was fishing. It was popular with Spanish day-trippers, while Benidorm, just half hour down the road tended to cater for the ‘Brits Abroad’.

Since then it has become a home from home for us, with each visit revealing more development and gentrification. Although the fishing industry is still very active, Calp has now become a flourishing tourist hotspot.

This small series made while wandering the streets of Calp over the years, reflects on these changes to the town, while also exploring my own relationship with the area.


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