Between Realities - Diana Takacsova



32 pp / 190 x 230mm
Staple Bound
Fedrigoni paper
First edition of 100


It’s as if time was suspended for the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priorities changed. Streets emptied. Our conversations changed. The fragility of the systems we put in place surfaced.

This period taught me many things; one of them was slowing down. For someone who used to be constantly on the move, spring 2020 was a time of reinvention - and in some form, relief, too. I got to spend these months by the Belgian coast, in Ostend. Anxiously following the news around the world, I turned my camera to objects and scenes of everyday life, observing the repetition of lights and shadows - and following nature’s changes closely - almost religiously as our daily program shrunk to the very basics.

Nature didn't stop just because we had to: a hopeful continuation of our existence. ‘Between Realities’ stems from the bright and dark moments of the time when our lives were put on hold, according to the definition we had at the time.


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